7 Weeks Pregnant: Embryo (Fetus) and Symptoms

In Week 7, the baby’s heartbeat can be determined. When your ob-gyn confirms your pregnancy, the realization that you’re pregnant might start sinking in. What is the pregnant mom’s physical condition or the size of the embryo (which will be called a fetus starting from the end of Week 10 of pregnancy)? What about the heartbeat and the sonogram (ultrasound photo)?

7 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, weight gain

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It is in Week 7 that majority of pregnant women, after taking note of their late periods or the changes in their bodies, undergo the first test to check if they are pregnant. Though there might not be physical changes to one’s appearance, morning sickness becomes a common occurrence, and some feel nauseous or become sleepy more easily.

Some worry that morning sickness prevents them from gaining the weight they should, but if check-ups are able to detect the embryo’s heartbeat, then nothing is amiss. You don’ have to worry too much if your ob-gyn tells you that all is fine! Eat when you are able to, and try to take in more iron, calcium, folic acid and protein.

In Week 7, the corpus luteum releases the steroid hormone progesterone, which can result in acne, pimples, and dry or rough skin. Also, some pregnant women experience mood swings or mild symptoms of depression due to the stress stemming from the changes in their bodies. As stress is a major contributing factor in aggravating morning sickness, try not to be too stressed out. Having an optimistic outlook will help you through pregnancy.

7 Weeks Pregnant: Sonogram of embryo (fetus) in your belly

Week 7 scan

7 Weeks Pregnant: Embryo (Fetus) is 8-16 mm long

During this time, Baby is about 8 to 16 mm long, and the amygdala (part of the brain which controls the movement of muscles), the heart, the lungs and other internal organs, begin to develop. The heart divides into 4 chambers, and when it starts beating, this can be detected via ultrasound. When the heartbeat can be detected, the risk of a pregnancy loss decreases sharply from 15% to 5%.

The palms and the legs start to form, but the fingers will only develop later. The eyes, ears and upper lip start forming, and the head is relatively big in comparison to the body. The curled-up embryo will stretch out a little and continue to grow.

7 Weeks Pregnant: Keeping a health log

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Pregnancy and child-rearing are no easy feats, and even if you are not a first-time mom, you might have some queries or things you are still not exactly sure about because pregnancies can differ from one to another. When in doubt, seek advice from your ob-gyn, or read materials available to you to help you come to a better understanding of what you are going through.

You might want to consider keeping a health log for your baby – note down your baby’s growth from embryo to infant, height, weight, vaccinations et cetera. This might help you understand your baby better. You can customize your own health record for your baby, purchase a ready-made one, or download applications on your computer or smartphone to help you keep track of your baby’s health.

The health log can also serve as a time capsule – it will help bring back sweet memories of milestones and events. How about getting one and noting down how Week 7 was like for baby and you?

7 Weeks Pregnant: Don’t overconsume Vitamin A

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Morning sickness prevents some women from eating what they want, and in order to effectively take in the nutrients essential for the baby’s growth or prevent anemia in pregnancy, it might seem like a good idea to eat more offal meat like liver to boost your iron intake. However, it is important to note that liver also contains a high amount of vitamin A.

Vitamin A boosts your immunity system and is essential in helping keep your skin healthy, but an overconsumption of vitamin A has been linked to fetal abnormalities. Experts recommend that you think of a meal plan that gives you a balanced diet, and be careful not to overconsume any nutrients.

Symptoms of Pregnancy: Fighting back!

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If you have severe morning sickness, it might be a very trying experience not being able to move about as freely as you want to. However, as pregnancy advances, the symptoms in the early stage of pregnancy will gradually improve. Take note of your physical condition and try not to overexert yourself. On days when you feel good, go out for a walk and get some fresh air. A change in environment will help reduce stress and make you feel better So fight back at morning sickness when you can! Don’t let it get you down.

7 Weeks Pregnant: Bleeding

Bleeding in Week 7, similar to bleeding in Week 6, can be a sign of a pregnancy loss or a threatened abortion. A threatened abortion refers to a potential miscarriage that occurs in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy which may or may not be accompanied by bleeding; in some cases, the fetus is expelled.

In the first trimester, your body is gradually undergoing some changes. If you feel that there is something amiss, don’t rely on self-diagnosis: go to your ob-gyn instead.