Why Is Baby Twitching in My Stomach While Pregnant?

Quickening! This is the first fetal movement you feel from your belly. Fetal movement is a piece of evidence that your fetus is healthy. However, what if the fetal movement seems strange? You might have felt some spasm-like movements from time-to-time. What causes the fetus to move like that?

Why is there twitching in stomach while I’m pregnant?

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Before we move on to the strange movements your fetus is making, let’s take a look at what fetal movements might be. Fetal movements refer to the movements the fetus does on their own accord and usually is felt by the mother when their limbs come into contact with the uterine lining or walls of the uterus when they spin around or move about. The type, location, and intensity of fetal movement felt by moms all differ.

You might be pleased when you feel the fetal movements, but you might have gotten a shock when you felt your baby twitch, tremble, shake or even spasm in your womb. Such movements are usually explained away as the fetus is peeing, the fetus is hiccuping, or the fetus is moving their limbs around regularly. These hypotheses are actually quite true. So, the twitching you feel in your belly is actually caused by fetal movements.

Is it really alright if I feel baby spasm in the womb?

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Even if you feel spasm-like movements in your belly, don’t worry. These movements – although they don’t feel natural – are natural and are movements that the fetus makes when growing up. The twitching is in no way, any sign that of any physical disability. Think of it as your baby doing some break-dancing in utero. Try not to stress or overthink the possible causes of the twitching – it’s really just signs of your baby learning how to move their limbs.

What should I do about the baby twitching in my stomach?

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You might not like it when your fetus’ movements are strange, but there is honestly nothing much you can do about it. This is because the baby moves according to their own will, and you can’t exactly stop them from doing so. Once a day, you should feel at least one fetal movement. If you don’t, this could mean that your fetus isn’t doing well – go to your practitioner if you don’t feel anything during a 24-hour period.

Twitching, or movements similar to that, could go on for a long time and you might be left puzzled over movements, but this is a sign that says your baby is fine and doing well!

Baby twitching in womb is evidence that Baby is well!

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Be it twitching, spasms, or other strange movements, you only need to register that your baby is moving – and that’s all you need to confirm that Baby is doing fine. If you feel unwell or very uneasy, talk to your practitioner and get yourself checked. The ultrasound scan will take the load off your mind if nothing else can! Do what you can to get rid of any stress, so check if you have to, fire questions at your practitioner if you have to! Don’t keep your worries to yourself. Talk to the people around you who are watching out for you!