Best Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Your trusty support has failed you when you need it the most: Your lower back is aching and you’re feeling like you got out of the wrong side of the bed after having disturbed sleep because of the back pain. What are the best sleeping positions that help to relieve lower back pain during pregnancy?

What is the best sleeping position for lower back pain during pregnancy?

pregnant woman sleep on side

Your belly is becoming bigger and you’re feeling the strain of it on your back. Try sleeping on your side because that avoids putting pressure on the problem areas, and this reduces the pain you might feel. Lean forward (while on your side) until you’re almost lying facedown. Bend your knees and draw them a little closer to your chest and voila! This position will put less stress on the baby. You might also want to try out a variation on this position called the Sims’ position which is highly recommended to pregnant women.

Sleeping on back is not the best position for lower back pain

pregnant woman sleeping on back

You might be used to sleeping face up, but doing so if you have lower back pain will make your back pain worse as the weight of your belly is positioned directly on your back. Also, sleeping on your back can cause the weight of the uterus to shift onto the backbone, resulting in the less blood being pumped out from the heart and lesser blood flowing to the head. As a result, the brain doesn’t get enough nutrients and this can cause you to feel unwell and put you in a bad mood.

Best sleeping position for lower back pain: Things to note or try out

pregnant woman sleep on side bolster


Sleeping on a hard mattress

A soft mattress isn’t able to support your weight and so, might put more stress on your shoulders and back. Sleeping on a relatively harder mattress can help take the strain off your back when you lie down.


Using a bolster

You might want to use a bolster and sleep in a Sim’s position. Avoid sleeping on your back and this will help reduce back pain.


Putting a cushion between your legs

Place a cushion between your legs and bend your knees. This will take the weight of your body off your back.


Not putting pressure on your back when you’re standing up

Your back might hurt when you try to rise up from a bed, so bend your back while slowly getting up. If you’re lying on the bed, first put your feet on the floor and then take your time to get up. If your bed is on the floor, you might want to slowly go into a crawling position first before getting up. Use your hands to slowly push your body into a standing position so that your weight isn’t all on your back.

Finding your own position and fighting lower back pain during pregnancy

pregnant woman wake up morning

It might not seem like such a big deal how you’re sleeping, but this can affect you in the day – much more than you think it would. Having sufficient sleep is key to helping you stay healthy and keeping your baby as healthy as possible. Well, now that you know how important your sleeping position is, you might want to give it a go tonight! It might just be the cure you need for lower back pain.