Can I Dye My Hair While Pregnant?

Have your maternal instincts already start kicking in? You might be going all out to avoid anything that is possibly harmful, dangerous, or toxic to the fetus in you – even refraining from going to the hair salons because dyes are being used there. 9 months of not doing anything to your hair is way too long! Let’s see if perms and dyes during pregnancy are really as bad as the rumors make them out to be.

Can I dye my hair during pregnancy: Are there effects on the mother or baby?

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There’s no data on hair dyes or the chemicals used in the process of perming hair causing harm to the fetus after they permeate the body or the scalp and reach the fetus. However, there is also no existing research results proving that all hair dyes and chemicals are safe.

Some practitioners recommend that you leave your hair as it is during the first trimester of pregnancy until the placenta is completely formed and there are fewer changes to your body. They might even advise you not to go to the salon because you have to be in the same position for a long time.

On one hand, there aren’t any known hair chemicals affecting the fetus, so many would say this is unnecessary worrying. Unlike alcohol or tobacco, there aren’t any exact effects that manifest in your body, so there is no need to worry! However, if you still feel a little unsure about coming into contact with such chemicals, talk to your practitioner about it.

One thing to note, though: Avoid hair dyes with p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) or the solutions which contain chemicals like sodium bromate or potassium bromate. These chemicals can cause allergies, and you don’t want to expose yourself to such risks especially when your skin is sensitive due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Make sure you check the labels before purchasing any dyes or perm kits!

Safe hair dye during pregnancy

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The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “regulates the safety of cosmetic products”1but note that according to the law, FDA approval is not needed before products go on the market.2Before purchasing any Do-It-Yourself hair dyes or hair product, make sure you read the labels and do a thorough investigation on the product that caught your eye. Most hair dyes contain PPD, so if possible, avoid those brands and colors!

Instead of dyeing your hair yourself, you might want to get it done at a hair salon – think of it as giving yourself a treat! Your skin might be especially sensitive to changes during pregnancy, so why take the risk?

Some dyes have “Not for use during pregnancy” labels on them, so you know which are already out of the question! Make informed choices from the pool of choices you have, but few they may be!

If you’re worried about an allergic reaction from dyes used at the salon, do a patch test to check if you’re fine before going ahead with it. Tell your hairdresser that you’re pregnant and that you’d prefer hair solutions that won’t give you an allergic reaction. Also, if you’re feeling unwell and don’t think you’re able to withstand sitting still in the salon for a long period of time, pick another day to get your hair done instead.

Things to note while getting your hair done at the salon while pregnant

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Feeling nauseated because of the smell of chemicals

Being in a salon for hours means you’ll be exposed to shampoos, hair treatment products, hair dyes, solutions used in hair perms and many other hair products that give off strong smells. If you’re having a bad case of nausea, this might really flip your insides upside down, so if you don’t think you’ll be able to withstand the overwhelming smells floating about in the salon, you might want to reschedule your appointment with the hairdresser.

Being tired out from being in the same position

Be it dyeing or perming, you definitely have to sit for a long time to let the hair products sit in your hair. Being in the same position for a long time can put stress on your belly, so make sure you change your position from time-to-time, take short breaks, stand up and stretch even while letting the dyes sit. Although your hairdresser might be able to tell that you’re pregnant, make sure to get this point across to them clearly!

Refreshing yourself : “Let yourself shine”

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Bad hair days naturally make you feel bad. Although it might seem a little too superficial to have your confidence or your happiness depend so much on just hair, having great hair can help to lift your mood and be a mental vitamin of sorts. Talk to your hairdresser about what you’re concerned about, what you’d like to avoid, and if you’re feeling well and good to go, then changing your hairstyle isn’t impossible during pregnancy! Get the luxurious-looking hair you’ve been fantasizing about: Let your confidence emanate out from every strand of hair on your head, and let yourself shine during pregnancy!