Compression Stockings During Pregnancy: Points to Note

Feeling like you have elephant legs during pregnancy? If you’re feeling the swelling in your legs and want to get rid of it, the thought of wearing that compression stockings might have flitted across your mind many times. Can you? Or can you not? What should you know about these tight pants in relation to pregnancy?

Can you wear compression stockings while pregnant?

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Compression stockings can come in the form of knee-high socks, high-waisted ones that go over your baby bump, open-toe compression stockings and much more.

So why do some moms wear compression stockings when they’re pregnant? Compression stockings actually can give you support and help you if you need to be on your feet for long periods of time.

Blood in our bodies go to our feet and gravity makes it much harder for blood to return to our hearts again. As a result, the function of the valves in the veins decrease and the subcutaneous veins dilate. This causes veins to become varicose veins. Varicose veins will make your legs feel tired and itchy.

If you have varicose veins, wearing compression stockings can help to improve blood circulation.

Are compression stockings effective during pregnancy?

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In Month 5 and 6 of pregnancy, swelling can occur much more easily. You might feel that your legs, especially from your calves and below, are swelling up. This is because the uterus expands and the fetus grows bigger, and the weight of the uterus puts strain on the veins that run through the pelvis. In some instances, expectant women have to undergo surgery because the condition of their varicose veins is extremely serious.

Compression stockings can be used to help combat swelling, but it can also become the cause of more heartburn and acid reflux if the compression stockings come up to your waist and put pressure on your abdomen. When you feel unwell while wearing them, it’s best that you refrain from wearing them. There are other methods you can try to relieve swelling in your legs.

Things to note if you wear compression stockings while pregnant

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You might have heard thatSpanx and other shapewear aren’t exactly recommended by medical professionals, but the vote for compression stocking is unanimous – wear it!

The pressure that compression stockings might exert on people might differ, and this goes for pregnant moms too. For some, it might be the panacea to all their swelling problems, for some moms, it might not have the least effect on them. Regardless of whether it is effective or not for you, refrain from wearing them 24/7. Compressing your legs for too long can strain your body and can affect your appetite. If you wear them in the day, don’t wear them at night.

When choosing compression stockings or other shapewear, remember to choose from the maternity line or based on how much pressure they exert on you. For example, if a certain compression stocking claims to exert 10 hPa, it means that the pressure exerted is equivalent to having a 10 g weight pressing down on every 1cm². This might not apply to all brands, so be sure to read up before you purchase any shapewear or compression stockings.

Remove compression stockings when you’re not feeling well

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If you have complications like heart problems, heartburn, acid reflux or aren’t feeling well when wearing compression stockings, refrain from wearing them or remove them immediately. Ask your practitioner if they have any recommended brands that they go by and take advantage of the compression stockings to help you have an easier time during pregnancy!