Diarrhea in Early Pregnancy: Causes and Treatment

If you’re hoping to get pregnant, every little sign that seems out of the ordinary might seem like a little sign from heaven telling you that you are. Once your pregnancy is established, the so-called early signs of pregnancy start appearing.

However, it might not be that easy putting up with all the signs of pregnancy. One perfect example is this – diarrhea. Getting diarrhea more often as of late? How can you tell when it is a sign of pregnancy? It’s time for some dirty talk.

Diarrhea before menstrual period

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Before your period, the levels of the hormones in your body change, and this could mean you might not feel physically well for some time. Some women usually have diarrhea before their menstrual periods, and as diarrhea is one of the pre-menstrual signs, it would be difficult to tell it apart from diarrhea as a sign of pregnancy.

When it’s about time for your next menstrual period to start, a female hormone called progesterone is secreted in your body after ovulation takes place. This hormone causes both metabolism and bowel movement to slow down, and you might experience constipation.

However, if pregnancy is not established and the body prepares itself for the usual menstrual period, secretion of progesterone will decrease. This, in turn, causes metabolism to return to its normal state and bowels to move faster than usual, and could result in diarrhea instead.

Diarrhea in early pregnancy: Different from diarrhea before your menstrual period

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You aren’t able to use the pregnancy test kit yet, nor is it time for your menstrual period to come yet. The early stage of pregnancy coincides with your premenstrual phase, so the symptoms you see can either be premenstrual syndromes or early pregnancy symptoms. As both symptoms of pregnancy and premenstrual syndromes are similar as well, it isn’t easy telling one from the other.

In actual fact, diarrhea as an early sign of pregnancy occurs because the implantation of the fertilized egg causes the hormone levels in the body to change dramatically. Due to hormonal changes, you might feel a little emotionally up or down than usual. These hormonal changes are the causes of both types of diarrhea – diarrhea before a menstrual period and diarrhea due to pregnancy.

To differentiate one from the other, you’ll have to look out for other signs. Do you see signs of spotting? Or have a high basal body temperature for two weeks or more? Are there any other signs of pregnancy to take note of?

Whether you usually have diarrhea or not before your menstrual period differs from individual to individual, but having diarrhea more frequently could be a sign of pregnancy.

Diarrhea in early pregnancy: Risk of a pregnancy loss

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“Does having diarrhea in the early stages of pregnancy mean that I have a higher risk of miscarriage?” You might be thinking this and worrying about your physical condition. However, diarrhea because of the hormonal changes does not cause contractions in the uterus. This means you really don’t have to worry – diarrhea is a physiological phenomenon and is not a sign of miscarriage.

However, if you have diarrhea because of a bad case of food poisoning, there is a small possibility that the reoccurring contractions in the uterus could pose a risk and bring about a miscarriage. When you have severe diarrhea accompanied by extreme abdominal pains and vomiting, it’s best to go to the hospital as soon as you can.

Diarrhea during early pregnancy: Treatment

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Diarrhea which is a sign of pregnancy is a physiological phenomenon that you might want to learn to live with – there are no special treatments or cures for it. Diarrhea will get better in time! If you get diarrhea before your menstrual period is supposed to start, then take special note of the food you eat, keep your body warm or find some time to have a good rest.

If you have an inkling that the diarrhea is not the usual one you have prior to the start of your menstrual period, or if you have diarrhea when you usually don’t have any diarrhea before your period starts, then you might be wondering if you could really be pregnant.

The pregnancy test kit could help you give you the answer you’re seeking, so don’t leave it to diagnosis and refrain from taking any medication for the time being. Most pregnancy test kits can be used a week after the supposed start of your menstrual period.

Is diarrhea an early sign of pregnancy?

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Those who always have had diarrhea before menstrual period might probably never in their wildest dreams, imagined that diarrhea could be an early sign of pregnancy. Not knowing the differences since there aren’t many differences to begin with doesn’t mean that you lose out in any way, but knowing diarrhea is a sign of pregnancy could help tide you over this physically draining period.

If you have diarrhea before your menstrual period is due, don’t forget that this might be a sign of pregnancy, and be sure to take the steps you need to confirm your pregnancy. For those who want to have their usual antidiarrhea medications to stop the diarrhea, it might do you some good to wait till the diarrhea gets a bit better, and deduce if it could be a sign of pregnancy instead.