Feeling Cold in Early Pregnancy: Causes and Symptoms

Among signs of pregnancy like implantation bleeding, changes in vaginal discharge, and a high basal body temperature for more than two weeks, one other sign of pregnancy is feeling cold. You might also have back pain, feel lethargic, and have other symptoms that are typically seen before the onset of a flu. You might still be in doubt – feeling cold is a sign of pregnancy? Let’s look at what this is really all about.

Why you might be feeling cold in early pregnancy

Cause 1: High basal body temperature

temperature thermometer

In the early stage of pregnancy, under the influence of the hormone progesterone, the basal body temperature increases and continues to stay in a high range for more than 2 weeks. As a result of your high body temperature, you might feel that the surrounding temperatures are lower.

Also, the chills you feel all over your body might remind you of the chills you feel before you get a flu, and as a result, you might feel a little feverish or a little tired. You won’t have a high body temperature throughout the whole of pregnancy – only until around Week 16. Once the placenta is completed, your body temperature will slowly drop and return to its usual levels.

Cause 2: Changes in hormone levels

woman covered with blanket suffering from cold

The changes in hormone levels can be extreme during the early stage of pregnancy, and the changes in your autonomic nervous system could cause you to feel like you’re losing control of your body when these signs appear. As a result of these changes, you might become more sensitive to lower temperatures and the cold.

Cause 3: Anemia

woman feeling dizzy headache

Insufficient blood flow to the brain can result in dizziness or temporary loss of consciousness. When you’re pregnant, blood might not be able to circulate around the body well because of various reasons, and at times blood flow to the brain is reduced for a moment, and this can also be accompanied by low blood pressure or the chills.

Cause 4: Morning sickness

woman morning sickness

In the early stage of pregnancy, some moms start having morning sickness and are unable to eat as much as they want to, or start having the chills because they aren’t taking in enough calories.

Feeling cold during early pregnancy: Symptoms

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If a cause of feeling cold is a high basal body temperature or morning sickness, you might be feeling chills going up and down your back, as if you’ve caught a cold. Other signs of a flu bug, like fatigue or drowsiness, might be present, but if your throat is hurting, you have a cough and have been running a temperature of 99.5 ℉ (37.5 ℃) and above for some time already, then you should go to the doctor’s for a checkup.

You might feel like you’re chilled to the bones and your hands or feet are freezing cold if you have poor circulation. The lower half of your body isn’t warm and you might have diarrhea as well. Try to warm your body up as much as possible.

You might find yourself lying down more often and for longer periods of time throughout your pregnancy journey. The problem lies with having to stand up after a long period at rest – if you stand up suddenly or get up into a standing position after lying down for a long time, you might feel dizzy and even have the chills and feel like puking at the same time.

Cold during early pregnancy: How do I fight the cold?

woman leg socks coffee

Keep your body warm, and this will help keep your blow flowing at a regular pace. When your body is cold, or when the weather gets cold, note the indoor heating or the air-conditioner you’re using. Keep your feet warm with socks, and that’ll help to keep your body warm as well.

Ginger or root vegetables have the effect of helping to keep your body warm – so make sure to drop by that section when you go grocery shopping, and make a conscious effort to eat more of them. If your morning sickness has already started wrecking havoc on your appetite, then you might want to make some root vegetable soup or opt for root vegetable teas instead.

Feeling cold in early pregnancy: Take some time to chill

Having the chills during the early stage of pregnancy is one of the few unexpected signs of pregnancy. Other signs of pregnancy include lower back or abdominal pains, or diarrhea, and in general, the signs of pregnancy depict a change in your physical condition. If you’re having the chills, avoid doing anything too energy-consuming, spend some time chilling so that your body can recover.