Fever During Pregnancy: Effects on Fetus, Treatment and When to Go to the Hospital

Your immunity levels are down, and it seems like all the bacteria and viruses rode on the waves of opportunity and launched a full-blown attack on you. What’s having a fever while you’re pregnant like? Let’s also see how treatment is like and what the possible effects on the fetus are like.

Is it dangerous to have a fever while pregnant?

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When you catch a cold, your body works to kill the viruses that have invaded your body. As a result of the “battle” going on inside of you, your body produces more phlegm and mucus, and you sneeze more often and might be running a temperature. When you’re pregnant, you have to watch your temperature.

If you have a temperature of about 98°F (37°C), you don’t have to worry too much. It’s important that you take a break from work or activities you’re involved in and let your body rest for 2 to 3 days.

However, when you’re running a constantly high temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or more, you run the risk of having a poor appetite and a poor stamina. If you’re not physically fit, this can lead to preterm contractions and result in a premature birth in serious cases.

If you catch a cold and this affects your appetite when you’re having really bad morning sickness as well, this could cause you to become physically weaker as well.

A fever in itself isn’t dangerous, but if you are considerably weakened by it, it could lead to negative effects on your fetus.

Effects on fetus if you have a fever while pregnant

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Catching a cold during pregnancy usually doesn’t have any effects on the fetus. However, when you have a fever of up to 104℉ (40℃) and above for 3 days or more, this could cause the temperature of the amniotic fluid in your uterus to increase and this could pose a risk to the fetus. If you are coughing relentlessly, this could strain your abdominal area and cause your abdomen to tighten. Also, in serious cases, oxygen flow to your uterus decreases, and this can cause the baby to suffer from the insufficient oxygen and asphyxiate.

Women who are already at risk of a preterm labor or preterm birth should be more mindful of their health if they fall sick – take cough medicine before a cough gets worse!

How to cure a fever while pregnant

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Caught a cold and you’re pregnant? Give yourself space and time to rest. If you have a fever, cool down your forehead, armpits, neck and lymph nodes. Your immunity levels have gone down, so don’t push yourself to work or waste any energy unnecessarily. First, work on recovering from the cold.

Also, when you have a fever, your body loses water and you become dehydrated more easily. Dehydration endangers both the mom and the baby, so make sure you’re taking in enough fluids.

Check the color of your urine each time and consciously make a mental note on the amount and color of your urine as compared to your urine before you caught a cold. Doing so will tell you when you’re dehydrated or not.

Cure your flu with food as much as you can. Eating ginger slices or having lemon drinks is a good way of fighting off the flu bug. Such food keeps the very core of your body warm. You might also want to try some honey drinks if your throat hurts.

Fever during pregnancy: When should I go to the hospital?

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You might feel that you’re obliged to avoid hospitals once you’re pregnant because hospitals are full of patients and you may get contagious diseases like influenza.

However, unless it’s really just a slight fever, try not to diagnose it yourself. If your symptoms don’t get better with time and go past 100.4℉ (38℃), go to the hospital or a clinic nearby. You can easily deal with the bacteria you’ve “collected” while at the hospital by washing your hands and body properly once you’re home from the hospital.

Taking medicine for fever while pregnant

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OTC medicine might not be safe for pregnancy. Although most medicines have labels warning expectant moms that the medicine isn’t safe for use during pregnancy, you might take it by accident before finding out.

Get your flu medicine at the hospital. The doctor will give you something that has already been proven safe for use during pregnancy. If you’re taking Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), make sure you get a licensed practitioner to prescribe it to you.

Fever while pregnant might start off with “just a flu”

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You might brush it off lightly as it is just a “flu”. In actual fact, a flu can be a sign that you caught an infectious illness, and this symptom can continue to worsen until you forced to go to the hospital. This could affect the fetus negatively and even result in a miscarriage if you actually got an infectious disease. Infectious diseases like toxoplasma and cytomegalovirus are types of infections that are dangerous to pregnant women as they can give rise to deformities in the fetus. It might start from what seemed like the common flu and fever, so be careful!

A healthy heart and mind to fight flu and fever

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Boosting your immunity levels is one way of fighting off a cold and fever – if you’re strong, you’ll bounce back from a flu in no time at all. What you can do is make sure you have good lifestyle habits. Eat more vegetables, sleep more (have sufficient sleep) and make sure you also do regular exercise.

A flu is indeed the start of fever, so don’t overlook it and rest well. Rest is usually enough to cure a flu and fever. You don’t have to bar yourself from going out just because you are afraid of catching the flu bug – go out, take a walk. A healthy heart and mind is the also a good foundation for building a strong immunity system and body.