Gas During Pregnancy: Causes and Prevention

Your baby and the uterus is growing bigger every day. When they grow bigger and occupy more space, there is lesser space left for…gas! You might find yourself farting more than usual. Why do expectant moms pass more gas during pregnancy and how can you deal with it so that others don’t get wind that you’re full of wind?

What causes bloating during pregnancy?

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The gas building up in your intestines will have to be released someday. During pregnancy, this occurs more frequently, especially in the first and third trimester of pregnancy.

Flatulence will not harm you or your baby in any way – rather, it’s a sign that your baby is growing well! The reasons why you feel yourself bloating up during pregnancy are as follows:

Changes in hormone levels

Increased amounts of female hormones, like progesterone, are being secreted during pregnancy. Your body undergoes changes in order to protect the fetus better – progesterone slows down the whole process of digestion so that more nutrients enter your bloodstream and pass to the fetus.

However, this decreased function of the whole digestive system causes bowel movement to slow down, and the gas to build up in your digestive system.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness might make you crave certain foods. If you eat a lot of cold food like ice cream, this might cause your body to cool down and this could result in poor blood circulation. It worsens the intestinal environment, resulting in indigestion and an increase in the buildup of gas.

Less water in the intestines

Water in the body also goes to the baby, so there is less water in your intestines. As a result, feces might become harder and more difficult to pass out. The feces that accumulate in your intestines ferment and produce more gas.

Compressed internal organs

The baby in your uterus is growing bigger every day and in turn, your organs are getting more compressed each passing day. With the physical stress on organs of the digestive system like intestines, the function of the whole digestive system decreases and you become constipated.

As a result, you fart more often. As your baby grows bigger, your digestive organs get more compressed. So you’re likely to feel bloated in the third trimester.

Pregnancy bloating and smelly fart caused by constipation

Constipation is the reason why you wrinkle your nose up more at the smell of your own fart. When feces pile up inside your intestines and they don’t get passed out, they become more smelly.

Since an expectant mother’s body tries to keep more nutrients in it, expectant mothers tend to have constipation. Even if you never felt constipated much before pregnancy, you might not be exempted from this problem. If you keep the same lifestyle as before you’ve got pregnant, the likelihood of being constipated increases. So it’s important that you note what you can do to get rid of constipation.

How to prevent bloating during pregnancy

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Farting, however disgusting you might think it is, is a natural phenomenon. It’s actually best to expel all that you can – even though you might prefer to hold it in when you’re in the lift or around people, or release as little gas as you can.

It is important that you actively do what you can to promote bowel movement. That will help you to get rid of constipation, and so get rid of your worries about farting.

Eating food with dietary fiber

Eating food that has lots of dietary fiber such as roots and tubers, and seaweed will help your digestive system. Dietary fiber makes up the bulk of your feces, so eating more will create more waste that reaches your large intestines, stimulating bowel movement.

Eating food with lactic acid bacteria

Foods like yogurt, cheese, natto (Japanese fermented beans) and kimchi contain lactic acid bacteria which helps to speed up bowel movement.

Having moderate exercise

Light exercises like walking, maternity yoga and maternity swimming stimulate your bowel movement. Moving your body physically pushes the gas accumulated in your intestines out of your body – so get up and move your body!

Giving yourself regular time to defecate

Making time to defecate is essential. Even if you have constipation, not trying to move your bowels might only encourage constipation. Making a habit out of going to the restroom regularly can help to relieve your constipation.

If your constipation shows no signs of improving, talk to your practitioner. You may get your hands on some safe laxatives for use during pregnancy.

Gas during pregnancy is nothing to be embarrassed about

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As gas is a natural element, it is natural for gas to be found in our bodies as well. It might be very embarrassing to fart in front of other people, but holding it in won’t be good for your body, leading to skin troubles and abdominal pains. Until your body gets used to the changes it undergoes during pregnancy, you might have to bear with it – but don’t hold the gas in!

Even if you let out a long, loud, smelly fart, in a small enclosed area full of people, don’t stress yourself over it. The saying “laugh and the world laughs with you. Fart and you stand alone” is so yesterday. If you really do let out gas, just laugh it off. Put your own health first and you’ll get through pregnancy just fine!