Headache Before Labor: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Having a headache in the last month of pregnancy? You might be wondering just what the causes of the headache might be. Let’s look at the other symptoms that might accompany headaches in the last month, what remedies you can use to fight the headache, and when you should go to the hospital.

Headache before labor: Causes and symptoms

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You might be used to treating your headaches with medicine or painkillers, but not all medicine are safe for expecting mothers to take. You might not think this is a big problem, but once you’re in Month 9 of pregnancy and start aching everywhere, you might be thinking about how to get rid of such headaches.

As the body gears itself up for the final spurt toward the finishing line, you and your baby need more nutrients. Not having enough iron or water can easily lead to iron deficiency and dehydration, which causes migraines. Symptoms can range from a throbbing migraine to nausea.

Treatment for headache before labor

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The best remedy is not medicine nor supplements, but sleep, a change in diet and a change in lifestyle patterns. It’s important to get more iron through foods like seaweed, vitamin B through milk and other dairy products, and also important to drink up. Having sufficient sleep and resting your eyes at intervals also will help to fight headaches. If the doctor tells you that you’re anemic, you might want to take iron supplements – consult your practitioner first.

Headache before labor: When should I go to the hospital?

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If you have headaches that are accompanied by double vision or seeing spots, flashes or floaters, there is a possibility that you might have pregnancy-induced hypertension (also known as gestational hypertension, and which can lead to preeclampsia). If these symptoms appear, get yourself checked at the hospital!

The headache is a sign of labor

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Headaches in the third trimester might have you feeling out of sorts, but try to deal with them positively – they are, after all, signs that your baby will soon be born! Try to determine the specific causes and find out what the treatments are. Though these headaches might be a pain in the neck, knowing how to deal with them will take some of the stress away. It’s the last month, and it will soon be the start of a new journey, so enjoy your maternity life as much as you can!