Laxatives During Pregnancy: Are They Safe?

Bloating during pregnancy isn’t only because of the baby – you might be feeling bloated because of constipation. If you need some help to get all of it out of your system, you might be thinking of taking some laxatives. However, are they safe for use during pregnancy? Let’s find out what you can do to make some progress in your digestive system and pregnancy, hopefully!

What causes constipation during pregnancy?

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The process of taking a dump during pregnancy might take longer than you hoped it would. This is the result of the hormonal changes in your body – the hormone progesterone is secreted in increased amounts during early pregnancy.

This causes the muscles in the stomach and intestines to relax, decreasing gastrointestinal motility and thus leading to constipation. Increased levels of progesterone also cause a reduction in neurotransmitter activity and this affects how your body works to expel metabolic wastes.

Constipation affects moms in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy too, as the weight of their growing baby compresses the intestines and the space through which feces can pass reduces. As a result, the defecation function decreases and constipation occurs.

Are laxatives safe during pregnancy?


Changing your lifestyle is one way of dealing with constipation. However, if you’re not able to move your bowels for 3 days or more, or feel physical discomfort from having constipation even after the lifestyle changes, you might want to use laxatives.

Don’t go rushing to the drug store yet – you should consult your practitioner on what is safe for you to take. Check that the laxatives you’re taking won’t affect your baby negatively in any way.

Types of laxatives safe for use during pregnancy

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Bulk-forming laxatives are thought to be safe for pregnant women. The laxatives absorb liquid and make soft stools which can pass out easily. Milk of magnesia which softens stools and improves a bowel movement is also considered to have no bad effect on pregnant moms. Before using these laxatives, talk to your obstetrician to make sure that they are safe for you.

You can get help from laxatives during pregnancy

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In many cases, rooting constipation out requires effort in the form of revolutionalizing your diet and changing your lifestyle habits. However, constipation during pregnancy can be grueling and keep suffering from it gives you a lot of stress which is not good for you and your baby.

If you need laxatives badly, consult your practitioner first before attempting to take any. Laxatives may relieve your stressful pregnancy symptom.