When Does Morning Sickness Peak?

Some things get worse before they get better… morning sickness, unfortunately, being one of them! Morning sickness can begin as early as Week 5, and its symptoms of nausea and vomiting get worse from there, so it’s common for moms to wonder when morning sickness peaks. Let’s cover when you can expect to be over the worst of morning sickness, as well as what symptoms you might see and how to fight them.

How long does morning sickness last on average?


Exactly when morning sickness peaks depends on individual factors, so it can be hard to predict. However, on average, it would appear to peak most often in between Week 8 and Week 11. After passing Week 11, the severity and frequency of nausea spells begins to settle down by Week 16. That said, some women continue to experience morning sickness until well into the 3rd trimester.

When morning sickness peaks, what are the symptoms?

The most noticeable symptoms are spells of nausea and vomiting. For instance, you may notice that your nausea feels worse on an empty stomach. You may be able to identify some specific nausea triggers, such as brushing your teeth. Other early pregnancy symptoms, such as hypersalivation, may also affects mothers at this time.

At the start of morning sickness, some of you may have been thinking, “Big deal, I can handle this!” By the peak of morning sickness, however, your thoughts may be more along the lines of, “Being pregnant is suffering”. Understandably, when morning sickness continues for a long time, this can affect pregnant mothers’ mental health.

How to Fight Morning Sickness: Find Your Triggers

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By the time you approach the peak of morning sickness, you may have been able to identify certain patterns in your symptoms. For instance, you may feel sick at particular times of the day, or in particular circumstances or environment. Keep these in mind: you’ll want to avoid these morning sickness triggers in your daily life as much as possible.

Common Triggers for morning sickness

● Waking hungry up in the morning
Well, they do call it morning sickness, after all! Keep something ready for you to eat right at your bedside. A midnight snack may also help you avoid waking up on an empty, churning stomach.

● Heavy or greasy meals
Firstly, reduce the amount of food you have in one sitting, and go easy on greasy foods that can aggravate nausea. Ginger is thought to help settle nausea after a meal, so you may find relief with with ginger ale, candy, tea. Some women also find sour foods like pickles have a similar effect.

● Odors
The first step is to avoid the offending odor as much as you can. For example, if the smell of hot food makes you feel ill, you may want let your meals cool to dissipate the smell. Otherwise, you can try to block the odor and distract yourself with a pleasant scene like citrus spritzed onto a flu mask.

Many women find their morning sickness is triggered by activities about the house, like preparing food or cleaning the bathroom. Rather than pushing yourself, ask your partner to help out if something makes you too uncomfortable. You’re in this together, after all!

Does stress make morning sickness worse?

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As morning sickness continues on into Weeks 8 through 11, it’s natural to feel stressed. However, stress can also make morning sickness feel worse. It’s important to take time out for yourself to do things that make you feel good and relaxed. Some ideas might be warm bath, a chat with friends when you’re feeling up to it, or getting out of the house for a bit – the most important point is to find a way to unwind that fits for you.

Can I use aromatherapy during the peak of morning sickness?

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Aromatherapy can be a very effective way to relax, but be careful: there are some essential oils that are not safe to use during pregnancy. Even oils that are harmless at other times carry risks during pregancy, so it’s best to consult a qualified aromatherapist for advice.

As morning sickness approaches its peak, your hormones are firing on all cylinders – which means your skin more sensitive than normal. Rather than putting aromatherapy oils directly on your skin (such as in a bath, massage or compress), try using a diffuser to enjoy the scents.

Refreshing citrus scents like mandarin and neroli are perennial favorites for early pregnancy. If you find a particular aroma that you can use during pregnancy, it could be a great way to de-stress!

What to watch for when morning sickness peaks

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In the early stages of pregnancy, although your baby is still incredibly small, your uterus growing larger and larger, and your hormone balance is changing. As a result, many pregnant women experience constipation. When you’re eating less during morning sickness, you’ll have less waste to get rid of, which can aggravate the symptoms of constipation further.

Eating small meals regularly, staying hydrated and keeping active will help you get through the constipation of morning sickness. Foods with a high water content, like fresh fruits and yogurt, will also help keep your fluids up, so try to incorporate these into your diet. However, if it gets too much to bear, speak to your OB-GYN. They may be able to prescribe some medicine as a last resort.

When morning sickness peaks, mental support is key

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Pregnancy and birth can be anxious times, and when you add morning sickness to the daily stresses of home and work life, it can be a lot to deal with! When this happens, remember to rely on your support network of friends and family – and especially, your partner. Partners can show support to pregnant moms by reminding them that morning sickness isn’t a disease, it won’t harm the baby, and it certainly won’t last forever.

Morning sickness peaks as the embryo becomes a fetus

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From the end of Week 10, your baby stops being called an “embryo” and started being called a “fetus”. This is the point when your baby starts looking more and more like a little human.

When you think of morning sickness as proof of your baby’s development, it becomes a little easier to ride it out. Hang in there for just a little more, and you should be over the peak of morning sickness before you know it!