No Contractions: Causes and Course of Action

The expected delivery due date (EDD) is supposed to be your due date, right? Why isn’t baby coming out then? Let’s look at why contractions don’t come, how many days after your EDD you should wait until, and the course of actions you can take.

What are contractions?

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Contractions are the squeezing motions that your uterus makes in order to push your baby out and is what causes you to feel pain in your abdomen. Different stages of pregnancy and labor are characterized by different types of contractions. Irregular contractions are termed Braxton Hicks contractions, while regular contractions are termed true labor contractions. True labor contractions are painful and don’t go away even when you rest. The intervals between the contractions also become shorter.

No contractions on your EDD?

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Contractions don’t necessarily start on your EDD, contrary to main belief. In fact, that happens once in a blue moon. The EDD is the estimated date from which your baby is fully developed and is deemed healthy or strong enough to survive outside the womb.

A pregnancy is considered a term pregnancy when the baby is delivered sometime between Week 37 Day 0 and Week 42 Day 0. In other words, there is no need to worry too much about negative effects on the fetus even if your EDD has passed. Wait and see!

Why no contractions?

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The contractions that you feel in your uterus are indications that your baby will soon be born. The baby is now wrapping up their “preparations” and now it’s time for the mom to start preparing for the birth. Waiting for the baby’s birth can take a toll on you mentally after the 9-month-long toll on your body – you might want to give in to worry, but don’t! Relax and let your baby come at their own timing.

You might actually be having contractions, but they might be too weak for you to register them as true labor contractions. If you’re carrying multiples or have polyhydramnios, this could weaken the uterine muscles and your uterus might not be able to contract strong enough for labor to start. Make sure you take note every time you feel contractions.

Is the fetus okay even if there are no contractions?

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Staying in the uterus even after the expected delivery date (EDD) has passed isn’t necessarily bad for the baby. However, from Week 38 onward, the baby drops and engages. As a result, once the EDD passes and the weeks go by, fetal movement, heartbeat, the amount of amniotic fluid and the placental function must be continually checked.

Your practitioner might or might not be urging you to do a C-section if your baby is overdue, but there might not be anything wrong with waiting. Monitor your own body, and if there is a need to get your baby out ASAP, then don’t hesitate to do so. Meanwhile, do some mental preparation and don’t let it catch you off-guard!

Until when should I wait if there are no contractions?

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In general, most moms start having contractions after their EDD passes and go into labor naturally. However, after Week 42 passes, the amount of amniotic fluid will slowly decrease. This could have negative effects on the baby, and so, there is a need to monitor your body and fetus carefully.

However, remember that this isn’t the same for everyone. There might be a need for you to do a C-section, induce labor using labor-inducing drugs, or your practitioner might allow you to wait until your baby is ready.

What should I do if I have no contractions

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There are many labor-inducing methods you can try out, so don’t fret! You can try out labor-inducing exercises, labor-inducing massage, or even aromatherapy. Remember that these methods don’t work for everyone, and so aren’t 100% effective. Talk to your practitioner and work out a plan on what’s feasible and give it a go!

Your doctors might prescribe you some labor-inducing drugs or use the Foley balloon catheter to help induce contractions. One way or another – your baby WILL be delivered. Since the outcome is already determined, enjoy the process and don’t fret so. Talk to your practitioner and set your heart at ease.

No contractions? No worries!

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Your baby is waiting in the wings – ready to take the center stage soon. You have worried for 9 months, carried your baby for 9 months, prepared yourself physically and mentally for these 9 long, tiring months. The curtain will soon come down on your pregnancy, but that’s only the beginning of a new journey. Wait for the contractions with a heart full of hope and free from anxiety. The labor “show” might begin much sooner than you expect it to.