No Morning Sickness: Why? Does It Mean a Boy?

After the moment of joy when you learn you’re pregnant, along comes the horrible morning sickness of early pregnancy. For many pregnant moms, the first stage of maternity is spent the whole day fighting the urge to throw up. However, there are also some people who go through have almost no morning sickness at all. In this article, we’ll learn the facts on pregnancy without morning sickness, and see what sets these women apart.

Pregnancy with no morning sickness: Why does it happen?

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Morning sickness usually begins between Week 5 and Week 6 of pregnancy. The majority of pregnant women do experience morning sickness, although the symptoms and severity vary between individuals. Where one expectant mother might feel strongly nauseated all day, another may just lose her appetite, and someone else may simply notice that her food preferences have changed a bit. It all depends on the person.

Even expecting moms with bad cases of morning sickness tend to feel better around Week 15, as the pregnancy enters the stable period when the placenta has finished forming. However, there are some women who never experience any morning sickness at all.

Since it’s not yet clear what causes morning sickness in the first place, we also don’t know why some women aren’t affected by it, though some researchers believe genetics could play a role.

What makes moms with no morning sickness different?

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Unfortunately, scientists can’t say for sure that there’s a particular kind of person who won’t get morning sickness. However, odors, heat, humidity, and stress are believed to exacerbate the condition for many. Noisy environments are also thought to make the symptoms worse, possibly due to an increase in stress levels.

From this, we can start think about the characteristics of the kind of mom who doesn’t get morning sickness. Morning sickness varies greatly between individuals, and the mechanism for it still isn’t known, so just think of this list as loosely describing the kind of characteristics you may expect to see in a woman who only has minor symptoms:

● Having a strong stomach
● Having a good level of physical fitness
● Not being sensitive to tobacco smoke or alcohol
● Not being sensitive to the cold

Morning sickness is also thought to be milder in people who can avoid becoming stressed. These are the kind of moms who can keep from over-thinking things, stay optimistic, and take each day as it comes.

Increased levels are thought to have a major influence on morning sickness symptoms, and a change in life circumstances can certainly trigger this. For example, if you’re the kind of person who tended to unwind through drinking alcohol or smoking, it could be that quitting has made you more stressed.

Environmental factors can also play a role here. For instance, women who are pregnant without morning sickness might be in an environment where, when they start to feel a bit sick, they can step out and take a rest in a quiet, odor-free place.

Myths about pregnancy with no morning sickness


There’s a common belief that if your mother only had mild morning sickness, so will you. Could there be some link to your genes? Maybe, but medical science doesn’t have the answer yet.

Another rumor suggests that women who work outside of the home tend to get milder morning sickness than stay-at-home moms. However, it could just be that some moms are too busy or focused on their work to notice their own morning sickness symptoms as much – so stay positive and don’t be puzzled if you’re working hard but still have a nasty case.

Does no morning sickness mean I’m having a boy?

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There are countless myths and surrounding pregnancy, and many of them have to do with predicting the child’s gender. These are usually along the lines of “ABC means a girl, but XYZ means a boy.”

It’s a common belief that mild morning sickness means a boy, but this isn’t rooted in any real medical science, so it’s best not to pay this kind of talk any mind. You’ll be able to find out the baby’s gender as early as 16 weeks, or more typically, at around 20 weeks.  

Lifestyle habits to ease morning sickness

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The trick to an easy ride through early pregnancy is this: rest when you feel like it, and eat what you want when you feel like it. These two easy methods can help you ease all kinds of stress.

It could be that some women who don’t get morning sickness already learned good methods for coping with stress before they became pregnant. However, even if you’re a bit more prone to stress and anxiety, you can ride out your morning sickness with support from your partner.