No Pregnancy Symptoms? Is This Normal?

If you’ve been gushing at babies around and wishing you had your own, you might have started becoming more sensitive to the changes in your body, or started taking note of your menstrual period dates if you haven’t paid it much attention until now. You’ve probably heard of the early signs of pregnancy – so what if you don’t see any? You’re not alone – it doesn’t mean there is a 100% chance of seeing the signs of pregnancy even though you might be pregnant. Why does this happen to some moms? What is the percentage of pregnant moms who don’t see any signs of pregnancy, and does the absence of signs mean that there is something wrong? Let’s take a look at what it means to have “no signs of pregnancy”.

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

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The female body is designed to be able to change quickly in a short period of time. What causes this is the female hormones responsible for the menstrual cycle; these hormones are responsible for both physical and emotional changes in the body. As these changes can take place very swiftly, there might be various visible signs that pregnancy is established.

Symptoms of early pregnancy

  • Spotting (light bleeding)

  • Breasts are sore and painful

  • Lethargy, fatigue, drowsiness, back pain

  • Change in vaginal discharge

  • Abdominal, lower abdominal pain

  • Headache

  • Frequent urination. constipation, diarrhea

  • Sense of taste and sense of smell changes

  • Basal body temperature increases and stays in a higher than usual range

  • Skin troubles: Acne or pimples appear

  • Feeling emotionally down

No signs of pregnancy: Why?

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If you’re already in the know about the early signs of pregnancy, then you might be worrying over the fact that you haven’t yet seen any signs pointing to a pregnancy. However, these signs aren’t always easily detectable. Most moms don’t even realize they’re pregnant, and don’t give their apparently late period any second thoughts. Some moms say that their morning sickness was really bad when they were expecting their first, but wasn’t as severe when they were expecting their second. This goes to show that the signs aren’t always the same for one person – it differs from pregnancy to pregnancy as well.

No pregnancy symptoms: Is something wrong with me?

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Although there aren’t many statistics showing exactly how many pregnant moms don’t have any signs of pregnancy, it’s thought that they aren’t all that rare. Even though one of the telltale signs of pregnancy is morning sickness, about 20% of all women go into labor and deliver their babies without experiencing morning sickness even once. If the representative sign of pregnancy doesn’t occur to everyone, then it’s possible that some moms don’t see any signs of pregnancy.

Some people say that not having any signs of pregnancy isn’t good for the baby. However, without these signs of pregnancy, the burden on the mom’s body isn’t as great, and so if you have no signs, don’t worry unnecessarily! Think positive: You can look forward to being a mother without the signs of pregnancy taking a toll on you!

No signs of pregnancy? No need to worry!

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It’s inevitable that you’d worry a little. Not seeing any sign of pregnancy could very well mean that something is wrong, right? No, that isn’t it. The absence of the signs or the degree in which they appear differ simply because moms have different bodies. Signs of pregnancy could drop you hints that you’re pregnant, but even if you don’t see any signs, you can ultimately use the pregnancy test kit to confirm your pregnancy – it’s just a slightly longer wait. Instead of agonizing over why you don’t see signs of pregnancy, spend time noting down your menstrual period and getting to know your own menstrual cycle well. This in turn will tell you when you can use a pregnancy test kit!