Oranges During Pregnancy: How Many Can I Eat a Day?

You may have heard of the book “Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit” – but let’s assume oranges are the only fruit for you, even during pregnancy. You might find yourself reaching out for one even as you read this. How many should you eat a day, though? What kind of benefits do oranges have for you? Although oranges are full of vitamin C and can be easily eaten without making a big mess (don’t peel them, unroll them!), there are actually reasons why you should eat oranges during pregnancy, but not eat them as if they’re the only fruit around. Let’s find out why.

Oranges during pregnancy: Good for skin

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The orange is a fruit that can help you stay healthy during pregnancy. The vitamin C in oranges has two beauty benefits and if you’re constantly plagued by dry skin, you might be glad to hear what pregnancy can do for you. First, oranges have an antioxidative effect that keeps your skin taut and moist. Second, it boosts your immunity system and helps you fight off acne that is caused by acne-causing bacteria.

Antioxidative effect

Your skin might seem to have lost its elasticity and luster – this is because the nutrients in your body go to your baby. Lackluster skin is the result of cellular oxidation and the antioxidants in oranges can help to slow the oxidation process down.

Boosting immunity

Your body needs time to adapt to the changes in levels of female hormones during pregnancy, so it’s inevitable that you feel a little stressed and your immunity levels drop. When your immunity levels drop, you might find more acne or pimples on your skin. Take enough vitamin C and take care of your health!

Eat no more than three mandarin oranges a day during pregnancy!

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Having too many oranges a day can cause a spike in sugar levels, so you might want to limit it to 1 orange or 3 mandarin oranges a day – even 3 might be a little too much, so try not to eat 3 every single day!

Why 3 and not more? Simply put, that’s slightly more than the amount of vitamin C you need a day during pregnancy.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends an intake of 60 mg of vitamin C a day during pregnancy,1while the National Institute of Health recommends an intake of 85 mg a day.2A medium-sized orange is about 69.7 mg, so that’s about 1 orange a day. However, if you’re eating mandarin oranges, you can eat about 2 to 3 a day as 2 mandarin oranges will give you about the whole day’s worth of vitamin C.

Too many oranges can lead to an increase in sugar levels, an increased risk of gestational diabetes, or negative health effects on both mother and baby. The female hormones secreted during pregnancy interfere with the breakdown of sugar in blood and it’s easier for an expecting mom to get gestational diabetes – so make sure you don’t eat all the oranges! They aren’t the only fruits or food around!

Will I turn orange from eating too many oranges?


Yes, you will! Eating too many oranges can not only cause gestational diabetes, but cause you to turn a queer orangey shade. What’s happening? Will eating oranges turn you into an orange-utan? Eating too many oranges can give your skin a yellow-orange cast as oranges contain vitamin A (beta-carotene). This skin condition, called carotenemia, doesn’t affect the baby at all, so there is no need to seek further treatment.

Oranges are the new black: Eat in moderation while pregnant

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Oranges might be the new black for you once you become pregnant, but eating too much won’t help you in the quest to watch your weight gain and make sure it’s within the healthy, recommended range. Not eating any sweet food to reduce weight gain to healthy levels, though isn’t entirely recommended. You do need some sugars that can be obtained through sweet fruits or food.

This goes for oranges. You simply need to watch the amount you’re eating. Oranges might be the only fruit for you, or it might not be the only fruit for you; try to enjoy your pregnancy lifestyle to the best that you can, even if it means eating more of what you might not like, or less of what you really like.