Pregnancy for Dads: 10 Tips to Help Your Partner

You’re going to be a dad! But, the moment that you really become a dad is still far away, and all you can see right now may be your partner vomiting right in front of you now due to morning sickness. You can’t go through pregnancy, but what can you endeavor to do to help your partner through this arduous 9 months?

Pregnancy for dads #1: Be understanding

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Morning sickness is different for every woman and for every pregnancy. While some expectant moms don’t experience morning sickness at all, other moms undergo severe morning sickness.

Since the pregnant belly hasn’t become bigger yet, your partner may look completely fine although she’s suffering from morning sickness. Try to understand how your partner is feeling now and be always on her side.

Pregnancy for dads #2: Don’t show your displeasure

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Pregnancy hormones are raging and you don’t want to do anything provokes her, especially since she’s become more sensitive to small things. Not to mention the morning sickness robbing your partner of her strength.

Do what you can, and stand by her side. Don’t show signs of displeasure – you might not like what you’re doing, but she might read it as an unwillingness to do something for her.

It might seem trivial, but asserting that it’s completely fine and reassuring her that you’re there for her through thick and thin will earn you brownie points. Trust us, your partner will be thankful for the little things you do.

Pregnancy for dads #3: Be proactive and help with the chores

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Start with household chores; someone has to do them. Do the laundry, clean up the house, wash the dishes, cook, take out the trash…so this is what your partner might have been doing for you.

Don’t breathe a single word that might reek of a complaint – that’ll be asking for trouble. Instead, search your conscience and ask yourself what have you been doing all this while if you haven’t been doing any household chores?

Your work might be exhausting, but press on! You only have to take over for the next 9 months. It’s not that long. After that, you can strike a deal to split the chores more evenly.

Pregnancy for dads #4: No strong smells

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Eating a steak or having a glass of beer in front of your partner who is having morning sickness is like taunting your partner in her face. What you can do is to get rid of strong smells or food that she is sensitive and averse to.

Smells include body odors too – so when you sweated like after doing sports or walking in hot weather, make sure you shower first before going anywhere near her.

If you’ve been out and among smokers, make sure you don’t dump your clothes on the floor after changing out of them. Deposit them in a container and don’t let the smell spread in your house.

Pregnancy for dads #5: Be around as much as you can

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Don’t leave her alone at home sitting in front of the television just because “she’s pregnant and she can’t do nuts”. Make an effort to go home early and spend time with her.

Just being together, even just sitting back to back or saying silly things will help make her day. When you’re done with work, try to go home as soon as you can.

Pregnancy for dads #6: Take care of the family

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The other children (if you have them), pets or other family members around need to be looked after too. Your partner might not be able to do so, so show some initiative and start taking care of them.

It can include playing with the children, walking the dog, or preparing the meals. Even if it’s just for show, your partner will definitely enjoy this show.

Pregnancy for dads #7: Stand up for your partner

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You might be hearing some unnecessary comments that might set your partner on edge. Unwanted advice coming from people once they know of the pregnancy is uncalled for, but try not to anger anyone when you mediate between your partner and others.

You want to protect your partner from hurtful comments, but you need to be tactful as well! There is no need to help her burn her bridges with others out of good intention.

Pregnancy for dads #8: Don’t demand couple-time

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You might have always have had the time of your life whenever you’re with your partner. However, once she gets pregnant, you seem to have dropped down the list of her priorities, and it might not be sitting well with you.

Remember that she is just like a patient who is fighting against the changes in her body and she might be much more sensitive to a variety of things. Her mind might also be on the baby too, so don’t ask for too much couple time if she’s not physically up to it. Let her have sufficient rest.

Pregnancy for dads #9: Quit smoking right away

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If you’re a smoker, this might be bad/good news. You’ve found the one solution to help you quit smoking. You’ve seen it on advertisements everywhere – you know. They aren’t good for babies, and secondhand smoke can cause poor blood circulation in your partner and slow down the flow of nutrients to your baby.

It might be a hard habit to kick, and you might not necessarily want to kick it, but this has lifetime effects on your baby. Help your partner, help your baby and help yourself.

Pregnancy for dads #10: Prepare for parenthood

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Lucky for you, you only have to mentally prepare yourself to be a dad since you’re spared from having to go through the trouble of physically preparing yourself. However, you can reassure your partner that you’ll all in nursing the baby together and that you’ll be there every step of the way.

Talk to other dads who have the experience of raising a kid about what they did for their offspring as a parent. Read a bedtime story? Change the diaper? The best part is that you get to decide what you can do.

Pregnancy for dads: You’ll survive it!

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Is this the first pregnancy you’re going through together? You might not know much because it’s not your body that’s changing, and you’re not taught much. However, rest assured.

There is no need for you to know everything and anything related to pregnancy. You only need to have a heart full of empathy and a willingness to be by her side. Take things one step at a time and don’t worry. You have what it takes to be a wonderful dad.