Pregnancy Quiz: Am I Pregnant or Not?

Once pregnancy is established, the hormone levels in your body change and the early signs of pregnancy appear. These signs usually appear during the period from Week 4 to Week 10, but some moms might start seeing these signs in Week 3 of pregnancy. If you’re wondering whether you’re pregnant or not, then this quiz is for you! You might want to use this as a checklist to get some instant answers, especially since the pregnancy test kits might not be giving you any right now.

Signs of pregnancy

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The ovum and the sperm meet inside the female’s body, and pregnancy is established when the fertilized egg implants itself into the endometrium. Once pregnancy is established, hormonal changes in the body take place quickly in order to help create the environment necessary for baby to grow, and these changes in hormone levels result in the appearance of the early signs of pregnancy.

The pregnancy test kit can only give you answers a week after your period was supposed to come. However, some moms see signs way before a test kit can give answers. If you want to satiate your desire to find out whether you’re pregnant or not, this quiz holds the key to getting your heart’s desire. It comprises of two sections – changes in the body, and changes in emotions. Let’s get started.

Checklist 1. Changes in the body

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The changes in the body can easily be mistaken for a bad case of flu, but as fever is not a sign of pregnancy, so take extra precautions if you feel something is amiss.

□ Implantation bleeding: Light bleeding (spotting) before your menstrual period is supposed to come

□ Amount of vaginal discharge increases and it is more dry than usual

□ Basal body temperature remains in a high range for more than two weeks

□ No fever, but you’re having the chills

□ Headache or back pain

□ Period doesn’t come but you have menstrual-like cramps that don’t feel like your usual cramps (or having menstrual cramps when you don’t usually have them)

□ Diarrhea or constipation: Bowels come out looking different

□ Your breasts feel sore or painful, and your nipples become more sensitive

□ Feeling lethargic even if you have sufficient sleep

□ You have an upset stomach

□ Having nausea

□ Frequent trips to the toilet

□ Night sweats: Sweating in your sleep

□ Breaking out in pimples, having skin troubles

□ Amount of saliva increase

□ Easily tired

□ Changes in appetite – a decrease or increase

Checklist 2. Changes in emotions

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When you’re pregnant, your senses change and you might feel differently about the things around you. You might even see some changes in terms of your mental and emotional states.

□ Changes in food preferences

□ Start eating food that is sour

□ Become more sensitive to odors

□ Quickly become frustrated at seemingly trivial things

□ Experience emotional ups-and-downs

□ Cry more easily

Pregnancy Quiz: What if I checked many boxes?


The more boxes you check, the higher the possibility of you being pregnant is. If you checked the boxes “Period doesn’t come” and “Basal body temperature remains in a high range for more than two weeks”, then there is actually a high possibility that you’re pregnant. Use the pregnancy test kit to make sure a week after the day your period was supposed to come.

Once the lines on the pregnancy test kit appear, schedule an appointment with your practitioner and get yourself checked. Even if the pregnancy test kit says you’re pregnant, there is a possibility of an ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy that takes place outside the uterus and could endanger your life, so you should and must get yourself checked.

However, remember you can’t put the horse in front of the cart: Wait until the pregnancy test kits are able to give you accurate answers. If you test too early, the kit will give you a false negative – this means that the result comes out negative but you might be pregnant.

Pregnant? Not? Preparing for pregnancy

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Even though for now you can’t say for sure that you’re pregnant. What if? If you’re really pregnant, the baby is growing in you. This means that you should quit smoking and drinking, and ditch all the bad lifestyle habits that might cause you to fall sick. Assume that you’re really pregnant, and start acting like it – of course, there is no need to feel pressurized into changing all your habits this very moment. However, you might want to start thinking about the possible effects that you have on your (future) baby.