Prunes During Pregnancy: How Many Can I Eat a Day?

One of the main worries that trouble many expecting moms is the time they spend in the restroom trying to move their bowels. Constipation is a real trouble faced by many, and in order to combat constipation, some women eat prunes. In general, most moms aren’t acquainted with prunes as a pregnancy food. Will prunes ultimately become your ally in your battle against constipation? Let’s find out the effects of prunes – apart from getting rid of constipation – and see why it’s a recommended food during pregnancy.

Prunes during pregnancy: So long, farewell to constipation


Prunes are effective in fighting constipation because they contain high levels of dietary fiber and sorbitol. Dietary fiber is a well-known agent that facilitates the movement of bowels. Sorbitol, a type of sugar, is not well-absorbed by the body. As it accumulates in the large intestines, sorbitol causes water to gather in the large intestines, and makes the bowels smooth and easier to expel. For this reason, sorbitol is used as a laxative or a medicine for constipation, so it can help solve your constipation problems if taken in adequate amounts. However, if taken in large amounts, this can result in diarrhea, so watch the amount of prunes you eat!

Dried prunes during pregnancy

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How about some dried prunes? Dried prunes have a higher nutrient content than fresh prunes – for example, they contain 5 times more vitamin B6 than fresh prunes, and twice as much potassium. However, dried prunes contain less vitamin A than fresh prunes, so if you’re eating prunes for their vitamin A, make sure you supplement this with other sources.

Prunes during pregnancy: Weight gain

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Fresh prunes or dried prunes have a high sugar content, so eating too much of either can lead to weight gain. 2 to 3 prunes a day won’t give you diarrhea and this can also provide you with the necessary nutrients you need each day.

To make sure you don’t eat too many prunes, you might want to eat some yogurt with your prunes. Yogurt helps food go down your throat more easily, and yogurt will make you feel full so you won’t overeat by too much. As a combination of prunes and yogurt can have a laxative effect, eating this on an empty stomach might not be ideal – instead, you might want to eat it as a dessert.

Do prunes have effects on the fetus?

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Prunes are full of nutrients; is it possible that they can harm the fetus in any way? Prunes are full of vitamin A, which can be the cause of babies being born with deformities or congenital anomalies. If your whole diet consists of prunes, then that is a problem; if not, then prunes will not harm you or your baby. Make sure you eat no more than the recommended amounts.

“Pruning away” worries with prunes!

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Prunes are full of nutrients and are able to help expecting moms with their constipation problem. From the start to the end of pregnancy, see how your stomach reacts to prunes and reduce or increase the number of prunes you eat to fight constipation if you’re suffering from it. Watch the number you eat, and enjoy the benefits of prunes! “Prune away” worries like constipation that you can do without, and enjoy your pregnancy lifestyle to the best that you can!