Sleeping Position During Pregnancy: What Is the Sims’ Position?

Felt like you only got forty winks instead of a good night’s rest? When your belly grows bigger, especially in the third trimester, you might feel more tired out because of the physical and mental stress on your body. Why does good sleep seem so elusive? What can you do to sleep better? There’s a method to help you sleep better – there’s no need to sleep on it; you might want to try out this very day.

Reasons why sleeping position during pregnancy leads to insomnia

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There aren’t any tangible reasons for insomnia during pregnancy, but in the first trimester, insomnia is most likely caused by the combination of factors such as the hormonal changes in your body and the mental stress due to the changes in your lifestyle. Your body might be physically tired out from the weight you’re carrying in front of your during the third trimester and the fatigue could be affecting the quality of your sleep.

How to sleep during pregnancy: The Sims’ position

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The sleeping method for expecting moms that’s recommended by almost everyone under the sun is this: The Sims’ position! Developed by J.Marion Sims, revered as the “father of modern gynecology”, the Sims’ position received wide acclaim in the 19th century as a method to access the anus more easily.

In the later half of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus and the amniotic fluid compresses the blood vessels and slows down blood flow. The Sims’ position allows blood to circulate around the body without much obstruction, so your body is able to relax. If you have edema, you might want to prop your legs up with a cushion, and this will be helpful in combating the swelling in your legs.

  • Lie on your left side, and turn your body in a way such that you’re almost all rolled over on your stomach but not actually putting any pressure on your belly.

  • Bend both your left hand and leg and straighten both your right hand and leg.

Staying in this position can be physically difficult, so you might want to put a cushion under your bent knee. If the left side of your body isn’t propped up or is lower than the right side of your body, the vena cava and the veins near the lymphatic vessel will be compressed and this will make it difficult for you to sleep well.

Sleeping positions during pregnancy that aren’t recommended

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When you sleep in a supine position (on your back), your big belly will compress the vena cava, and this can lead to supine hypotensive syndrome. This could reduce the amount of oxygen going to the fetus, so if you already have difficulty breathing well when you lie on your back, refrain from sleeping in this position.

If you’re comfortable sleeping in a prostrate position (on your stomach), then go ahead! This will not endanger your baby in anyway. However, from the 5th month of pregnancy onward, this might be physiologically mission-impossible, so you might have to think about changing your sleeping position again sometime then!

Sleeping position to a happy pregnancy

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You have your hands full being pregnant and preparing for the birth of the baby, so it’s highly likely that you never thought sleep would be a problem – never in your wildest dreams! Even if you preferred sleeping on your back and watching the imaginary shooting stars go by, it might be better for you to give up on that for the time being! What you can do is to find a comfortable position, like the Sims’ position, and then you might just be able to sleep like a log. We hope you get some decent sleep around the clock!