Stretches for Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Your baby and the process of carrying the pregnancy to term is very dependent on your hips. That might sound strange, but after all, your baby will pass through your hips and be delivered. What can you do to help prepare yourself for labor and delivery, especially if you have hip pain? Let’s look at the stretches you can do.

Hip pain and sacrum

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The sacrum is a triangular-shaped bone that is located at the tail-end of your spine and refers to the central part of the pelvis. The sacrum is regarded as a bone of importance in western and eastern medicine.

This is because it is the bone at the center of the body, and acts like the cornerstone on which the backbone and the skull are perched. Also, it protects the bowels and the genitalia. If you have a bad posture or don’t have enough exercise, this can make your sacrum go awry.

As your sacrum is the support base of your backbone and the skull, the distorted sacrum may make you feel hip pain, have stiff shoulders or headaches. Also, your uterus and your sacrum are connected by ligaments, so if your sacrum starts becoming distorted, this can affect your uterus negatively and cause hormonal imbalance in your body.

What causes hip pain during pregnancy?

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Changes abound in all parts of your pregnant body, and you may suffer from lots of problems. Your growing uterus will compress the surrounding organs and blood vessels, and your heavy pregnant belly tends to cause insufficient exercise. Also, your pelvis gets loose under the influence of the hormone relaxin as you approach labor.

All of these changes can lead to hip pain. If your sacrum is distorted, hip pain gets worse. To reduce hip pain during pregnancy, stretches for relieving and preventing distorted sacrum are helpful.

Stretches for hip pain during pregnancy

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There are 2 kinds of stretches for distorted sacrum of pregnant mothers to reduce hip pain.(Actually, they are effective for postpartum hip pain, too.) When you try these exercises out, adjust the intensity and times of the stretches to a suitable level for you, and don’t overwork yourself!

Buttock stretches

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs out in front of you. Keep your back straight and in this position, try to move forward by walking with your buttocks! Do this for 30 seconds in 1 set.

Try to swing your arms wide when you’re “walking”; this will help you move. If your bones ache from the contact with the hard ground, put a blanket or cushion on the floor so your buttocks don’t turn black-and-blue.

Back stretches

Stand straight with your feet spread out as wide as your shoulders are. Put your hands on your waist (on your hipbones), but make sure your shoulders aren’t raised. In this position, twist your back. Start with the left, then do the same for the right.

Repeat this 5 times a day. You can continue to do this exercise even after you deliver – carry your baby and twist!

Caring for baby can start with stretches for hip pain

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Hip pain during pregnancy can be very frustrating and cause lots of stress. Mental stress has a bad influence on an expectant mother and then a baby in the belly. So if you start to feel hip pain, try the above stretches. Caring for your baby starts with caring for yourself!