Vitamin E During Pregnancy: Key to a Healthy Pregnancy

Did you know that vitamin E is a tocopherol? It is coined from two Greek words “tocos” and “pherein”, which means “child, childbirth” and “carry, bear”. Vitamin E is an important nutrient for pregnant moms and is used as a supplement infertility treatments or in the prevention of early pregnancy loss. Aren’t you interested in how vitamin E can help you, especially if you’re looking into fertility treatments or looking into what can help carry your pregnancy to term? Let’s find out.

Effect of vitamin E during pregnancy #1: Improves blood circulation

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Vitamin E has the effect of improving blood circulation. When your blood circulation is good, the blood circulation in the placenta will also be good – this means that oxygen reaches your baby, and your baby is able to enjoy a healthy womb environment. Vitamin E also helps pregnant moms fight the Raynaud’s phenomenon – a condition which is more common in women than men, and in which blood doesn’t flow to the extremities well when the person is exposed to cold temperatures or is under stress – by improving blood flow. Having Raynaud’s phenomenon when you’re pregnant translates into an increased risk of a preterm birth or a low birthweight baby, so improving your blood circulation will help to prolong your pregnancy or improve the odds of your baby having a healthy start to life.

If you’re hoping to get pregnant, the condition of your uterus is correlated to the possibility of you getting pregnant. Aim to have the best womb environment by getting sufficient amounts of vitamin E, and this will help improve your blood circulation.

Effect of vitamin E during pregnancy #2: Increases secretion of female hormones

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Vitamin E has the ability to promote the secretion of hormones, especially progesterone, the female hormone secreted by the ovary during pregnancy. Secretion of progesterone at certain levels causes the endometrium to become ready to accept an egg and also leads to an increase in the secretion of estrogen, the hormone that allows the state of pregnancy to continue. In other words, progesterone is the key to the complete formation of the placenta. What you can do is this: eat more vitamin E, increase production of the female hormones and boost the metabolism of progesterone!

Source of vitamin E: Kiwi


One representative fruit that is rich in vitamin E is the kiwi fruit. Kiwi contains folate which helps to boost development of the fetus. To be more specific, kiwi doesn’t just contain vitamin E – it also contains vitamin C. Vitamin E and Vitamin C, when taken as a combination, has a synergistic effect of promoting the absorption of the other. Other food you might want to consider putting on your plate would be the Jew’s mallow or spinach as they also contain high levels fo Vitamin E and C. Actively take in these foods and aid your body in the absorption of nutrients. When it comes to nutrients, always remember that nutrients from natural food sources are better than nutrients in the form of supplements, so try to get them from your meals every day.

Preventing miscarriages with Vitamin E

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Vitamin E, when taken in the early stages of pregnancy, helps to reduce the risks of a miscarriage. However, as taking in too much vitamin E interferes with the body’s ability to clot blood, be sure you aren’t at any risk when you’re taking in more vitamin E than recommended dietary allowance (RDA).

According to the National Institute of Health, the RDA for pregnant women is 15 milligrams (22.4 IU).1As vitamin E has an antioxidative effect, it also has the effect of promoting beauty and youth. Although vitamin E can help prevent miscarriages in some cases, some pregnancy losses are due to chromosomal anomalies and taking in vitamin E wouldn’t help to extend the pregnancy. In such cases, don’t blame yourself; but if you’re able to do something about the situation and that’s through taking vitamin E, actively consume the recommended amounts and improve your baby’s chances at a healthy start to life!