What Not to Do When Pregnant: Can I Go Out?

While some moms might be busy settling down into a more sedentary lifestyle to prepare for the labor and birth, you might not be on the same page. This might not be your first pregnancy, or you might be seeking some adventure. Is it alright if you go out? Travel? What should you not do during pregnancy? Going out is not forbidden, but that depends on where you have in mind, and there are things you have to note before you step out of that door!

What not to do when pregnant: Don’t go far alone

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There are groceries to be bought, family members and things to attend to – there is no way you can stay home 24/7. If and when you’re going out, be sure of your bearings and know where the nearest hospital or birth center is located. Try not to go too far from home or the hospital especially when your pregnancy is nearing term since you can go into labor anytime.

If you’re going to somewhere that’s not a stone’s throw away, you might want to coax your partner into taking some time off and accompany you there. If you’re going alone, make sure your family knows where you’re headed.

What not to do when pregnant: Refrain from traveling in the last month

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You can enjoy traveling in the second trimester if your condition is fine and your baby is growing well. However, in the third trimester, especially in the last month of pregnancy, you might want to reconsider packing your bags and leaving town, especially since contractions can start anytime, and your waters can break anytime too! There’s always next time. How about shelving your plans for now?

What not to do when pregnant : Don’t go to crowded places during the peak hour

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If you’re heading out, try to avoid places that aren’t too crowded. When using the subway, you might want to avoid the rush hour or peak hours like lunch time. When you’re at shopping centers during the weekends, for example, you might want to be extra careful because of the kids running around. Travel during off-peak hours and you will have much more room to breathe.

Take risks into consideration and take care of yourself

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During pregnancy, there are so many things you might want to do. However, take into consideration the risks, the possibility of bleeding, abdominal pain, your waters breaking or contractions starting, and you might be convinced that it’s not such a good idea to overstrain yourself. Going out to places around your neighborhood is fine, but make sure you have the necessary documents and contacts with you at all times.