Working While Pregnant: Dealing With Morning Sickness at Work

How is working while you’re pregnant really like? How do moms get through the day at work with all that morning sickness? Your workplace or colleagues might not be so forgiving when it comes to you not being up to task because you might not be feeling so well. How can you cope with working while you’re pregnant?

Working while pregnant: Tips to overcome morning sickness

pregnant woman work office morning sickness

If you have severe morning sickness, you might not be able to concentrate on your work. The following are tips that can help you overcome morning sickness while you’re at work. You might want to try them out!


Chewing gum or eating sweets while at work

Gum or sweets can help get rid of the aftertaste of vomit or keep nausea at bay while you’re working. This is especially so if you eat mint-flavored or soda-flavored sweets that help refresh your breath and thus refresh you mentally too. Also, you might be feeling a little sensitive about the “bad breath” due to the increase in the activity of your gastric fluids. Gum or sweets can get rid of the smell and has the effect of helping to calm you down.

A study by scientists at Coventry University has shown that chewing gum keeps you awake – the act of masticating and the flavor helps chase the sleepiness at work away.


Take snacks periodically while at work

If you have an empty stomach, your stomach will become more acidic, and you might feel your morning sickness more strongly. Instead of eating too much at one go, divide your meals into smaller portions, or bring along healthy snacks that you can munch on in-between meals. This could help you overcome nausea and vomiting as well.


Refreshing yourself

Work comes with its own demands and not being able to achieve your targets while having to deal with morning sickness, fatigue and sleepiness can make you feel stressed out. Stress has the effect of making morning sickness more severe.

Try to refresh yourself at work regularly by taking a break, leaving your seat and taking a short tea break or a short walk to make sure you’re feeling mentally okay. Taking in some of the outside air will be enough to help you forget about your concerns for a short while.

Pregnant and working: Informing colleagues early

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Informing your employer or your colleagues early might seem like a feeble excuse to try and reduce the amount of work you’re entrusted with. However, it’s better to inform them in order for the team to work and progress as a team. When you’re in the second trimester, morning sickness will most likely take a turn for the better, but if you’re in the first trimester and have a really bad case of morning sickness, you might want to consider taking some time off to rest. This not only protects you, it will also protect your baby from potential harm.

Seek your colleagues’ understanding on your predicament and hopefully they can help you work out a viable plan so that you’re able to continue working even while you’re pregnant.

When is it fine for me to take time off from work while pregnant?

woman morning sickness

The severity of morning sickness differ for individual – there’s no telling how you’d be rated on the morning sickness scale and how you’d be like especially if this is your first pregnancy.

What you can do is to first talk to your supervisors and seek their understanding. Don’t wish to let the cat out of the bag just yet? You might want to continue doing what you’ve been doing and wait and see if you’re able to continue working. However, if your morning sickness keeps you in the restroom for a long period of time or making you feel so unwell you have to give work a miss, then it’s best to be honest about it with your employer or colleagues.

Pregnant and working: Not an easy feat but put Baby first

pregnant woman working office

Morning sickness isn’t something that all women experience and can be experienced in varying degrees, so it’s a tall order if you’re expecting everyone in the office to be understanding and sympathetic.

However, you never know until you give it a try – your employers might be supportive of your pregnancy too. Although your promotion or performance might be in jeopardy because of your morning sickness, you only need to work harder once you’re back at work and you’ll be able to achieve results at work and also maintain good relationships with your colleagues. Your baby, however, only has this one shot at a healthy start to life, so put your baby first!